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по подготовке и проведению 20-летия столицы Республики Казахстан – города Астаны «Ел жүрегі – Астана»

Tours of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M.Auezov «Alataudan Saryarkaga salem!»


Location: Palace of Peace and Accord, State academic Kazakh musical - Drama Theater named after K. Kuanyshbaev, Theater «Zhastar»

Date: June 15 - 21

Time: 19:00


The flagship of Kazakh theatrical art, the main theater of the country The Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M.Auezov plans to tour to Astana from June 15 to 21. Residents, guests of the capital and admirers of theatrical art the theater will present five productions from national, foreign and modern drama.

On the eve of the anniversary celebration of the capital, the theater will presenta new production based on the play of the Kazakh writer-playwright Iran-Gayyp, the director Murat Akhmanov "Suyunbai" as a gift to Astana residents..

This is a play about a great historical personality, Suyunbai Aronuly, who remained in the memory of many generations as one of the greatest Kazakh akyns and masters of aitys. The brightest part of the performance is the competition itself- aitys, between Suyunbai and Katagan, the famous Kyrgyz akyn.The play is very bright, colorful, dynamic and massive. The magnificent artistic language, high dramatic spirit of the play attracts today's audience with the Great Steppe Theater.

Also, in the tour program we will present a crime drama based on the play "Who killed the actor?" By I. Vovnyanko, staged by the master of the Kazakh cinema and the theater Assanali Ashimov, there are also engaged the coryphaeuses of the theater Toleubek Aralbai, Bakhtiyar Kozha, Meruert Omarbekova, Gulshat Tutova and others.The plot line of the play is fascinating, from the first minutes of the story unfolds quickly, that the audience does not have time to get bored. What will end the production, who will be the main villain, and how events will develop further, you can find out when you come to the play with a very intriguing title.

The performance of  Dulat Isabekov's play "Zhauzhurek", staged by E.Obaev, will complement the rich cultural program. This performance, the prize-winner of many republican and international festivals. The main character is the famous singer-composer, sere Baluan Sholak.In the production of the wayward and freedom-loving Baluan Sholak, plays the famous young theater and film actor Yerkebulan Dairov, is famous for his roles in the films Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, The Road to the Mother, Golden Horde, as well as the well-known actors Dulyga Akmolda, Asylbek Boranbai and many others.

These two plays will be held in the building of the theater "Zhastar".

The next performance at the Kazakh State Academic Kazakh Music and Drama Theater named after K. Kuanyshbayev will be already loved by the public,actual for today, based on the play by the famous Soviet playwright A. Volodin «Do not Give Up Your Beloved» directed by A.Maemirov. The performance is very young - its premiere took place in 2016, famous actors of theater and cinema Gaziza Abdinabieva Danagul Temirsultanova, Azamat Satybaldy, Azat Seitmetov, Shynar Zhanysbekova, Shynar Askarova, Dariya Zhusip, Zhalgas Tolganbay, Yerkebulan Dairov, Zarina Karmenova, Kunsulu Shayakhmetova and many others are engaged in it. 

The crowning of our tours will be the musical "Gypsy Serenade" by Israil Saparbay, staged by E.Obaev and T. Aralbai. On the stage of the theater goes more than 15 years and every time with a sold-out. This is a performance that uncovers the unknown sides of the fate, creativity and love of the great Shamsha, whose songs are on the lips of every Kazakh. How were these beautiful songs born, and especially the "Gypsy Serenade"? You can learn by coming to a musical performance, where in the role of Shamshi a well-known actor, honored worker of Kazakhstan Bekzhan Turys, with his artistry and skill provokes sympathy with the audience, bringing great spiritual pleasure.

Auezov Theater was always famous for its talents, strong direction, and most importantly - sincere attention to its audience. We very much hope that residents and guests of the capital will be able to appreciate the diversity and richness of Kazakh theater art and enjoy the magnificent performance of artists.